23 Mar

How much Hypnotherapy costs varies massively depending on the therapist.  Some Hypnotherapists charge by the session, others sell packages of sessions addressing specific areas.  

Most will offer a free telephone call often called a consultation before booking a client in.  This is partly to give the Hypnotherapist a chance to establish whether someone is a 'suitable case for treatment', but also to give the potential client a chance to decide if they like the therapist.  Rapport is extremely important for successful treatment.  The call allows the therapist the chance to find out what the issues are so that they can consider the best treatment plan and give a better idea of how many sessions are likely to be necessary.  In short it gives the Hypnotherapist the opportunity to be as well prepared as possible should the potential client go ahead and book a session and it gives the potential client a good idea of how much it is likely to cost.

Below are the prices for some of the main issues Hypnotherapists work with. I hope they help. It is a bit vague, because we simply don't know exactly how quickly someone will feel the benefit, but this gives a good idea of what to expect.

COST OF HYPNOTHERAPY FOR SMOKING OR VAPING   It is standard in the industry to treat smoking in a single session.  This is because it is critical to get in there whilst the client is keen - is really ready and indeed desperate to stop.  It is also standard to charge more for quit smoking sessions than other sessions.  This is because it is important that the client is committed to stopping and the best way we have of ensuring this is to demand a certain level of financial investment.  In short, money talks in terms of how serious someone is about quitting.
Single session smoking/vaping tends to range from £125 to £800 with most therapists coming in at around the £200 mark.  An audio recording of the session tends to be included.

COST OF HYPNOTHERAPY FOR ANXIETY, CONFIDENCE, WEIGHT, PAIN, PHOBIAS ETC   This varies wildly.  Some Hypnotherapists sell packages of sessions (generally 6 to 10) which tend to work out at around £60 to £120 per session.  Others, like myself, like to feel their way and see how things go as it is impossible to know exactly how many sessions someone will need.  To be on the safe side, I generally ask people to budget for 3 sessions.  I charge £90 for a first session because it tends to be longer and I have spent time preparing for it.  I then charge £70 for subsequent sessions.  Sometimes we sort it out in 2 sessions, sometimes people want to see me for more or come back for 'top-ups'.  I only charge for the sessions we do.  Audio recordings of sessions are often included, although some therapists may charge extra for them.

HYPNOTHERAPY AND HEALTH CASH PLANS  As Hypnotherapy is becoming better established as a really effective help with so many issues, many private Health Cash Plans will reimburse the costs.  Most simply ask that the Hypnotherapist is CNHC or GHSC accredited, but please be sure to check the details if you are planning to claim.