02 Mar

Hypnotherapy can help massively with confidence issues.  Lack of confidence can result from many things and Hypnotherapy can help to put these things in the past, even without necessarily knowing what they are.   Here are my three simple steps when using Hypnotherapy to help with confidence.

  1. Using Hypnotherapy I help people deal with any negative or traumatic experiences which have damaged their self-esteem or confidence.
  2. I then help them to remember a time when they felt confident.
  3. Finally I encourage them to imagine a future where they think about themselves and the world around them differently - in a positive and confident way.  If there is a particular event which has been worrying them, I enable them to visualise it going really well.  We embed that new future memory and go forward into the rest of their lives feeling better and more confident than they ever thought they could.  

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