Low self-esteem, lack of confidence and 'nerves' can really hold you back in life professionally as well as personally. Hypnotherapy can help you feel calmer and more confident than you knew you could.  Presentations, interviews, exams (and dates!) all go better when you are confident, relaxed and in control.

The subconscious mind has a lot to answer for.  It develops beliefs and behaviours which are meant to protect us but end up holding us back in life.

If you have a job interview, examination or important presentation looming, I can help you prepare yourself.  

If you get really nervous in social situations, I can help you find strategies to cope better and use Hypnosis to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

If someone or something has undermined your confidence and you just can't seem to leave it behind, Hypnotherapy can really help.

Give me a call, I'm friendly and experienced and my methods work.

'I went to see Lucy for help with my anxiety at work presentations and in interviews... I've got renewed confidence in these situations and have just started a great new job, with a hefty pay rise! Thanks Lucy!'

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If your lack of confidence is related to your body have a listen to my 'Body Confidence' recording which you can stream for free directly from this website. 

'Body Confidence' original hypnotherapy recording by Lucy Brace