30 Mar

Anyone who wants to engage with the process of Hypnosis can enter a deep enough trance for change to be possible.  So that sounds a bit jargon-y, but I shall try to explain further.

If you are capable of focussing on something outside yourself, be it work or entertainment or anything, you are capable of entering trance.

If you enjoy reading or going to the cinema, remember how you can lose yourself in a really good book or film - that’s trance.  

The same goes for gaming, gardening, walking, anything where you become so engrossed in something that you are completely focussed on it and it alone.

If you drive, think about all those journeys when you’ve arrived without really remembering the drive at all - you were in trance.  

If you’ve hurt yourself and not realised until later - it’s because you were so absorbed in what you were doing you didn’t notice - it’s because you were in trance.

Entering trance becomes easier and easier the more often you do it, but as long as you are prepared to ‘go with it’ and not fight the Hypnotist, anyone can experience trance, anyone can be hypnotised.