23 Mar

Hypnotherapy deals with those parts of our feelings, thoughts and behaviour that we seem to have no control over.  If you have developed ways of behaving that are making you gain weight or are making it difficult for you to lose weight, Hypnotherapy can help. A few examples of these sorts of behaviours are -

  • comfort or emotional eating
  • snacking whether or not you are hungry
  • bingeing or being unable to stop eating when you are full
  • eating too much of very calorific foods
  • not eating enough nutritious, healthy food
  • never trying any new foods or recipes
  • eating when you’re bored, tired, happy, sad
  • being very sedentary in your lifestyle when actually you are well enough to be active

It can become difficult to change once you have developed a habit, a particular way of behaving.  This is because as soon as we can make a behaviour automatic, we do.  Once that behaviour is automatic we don’t have to think about it and we can use our brains to think about other stuff.

Rather like a computer, we can only have so many tabs open on the browser at a time, so as soon as we can just run a programme automatically, we do. I describe this to my clients as being like driving.  Although driving was a difficult skill to learn, once learnt, it’s easy - you just get in the car and drive.  You don’t have to think about it at all.  You do it automatically - it is your subconscious at the wheel.

Hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind.  Whilst in Hypnosis, you can be re-programmed so that you stop eating when you are full, only snack when you are hungry (or not at all), find a better way of dealing with your emotions, and move your body as much as you are able.

Hypnotherapy can encourage you to make those changes and to take back control of your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviour, your weight and your life! 

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