26 Feb

Absolutely.  Hypnotherapy can help massively with anxiety.  It is the most searched for service on the Hypnotherapy Directory website.  Before I can explain why Hypnotherapy is such a great help for anxiety I want to define anxiety.   The NHS website defines anxiety as - ‘Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.’.  However, I find it more helpful to ask people how it is causing trouble for them, how it is manifesting.  I have a longer and more detailed list on my website, but here are the top 5 manifestations of anxiety (in no particular order) - 

  1. Panicking- maybe having a panic attack and then panicking about panicking or just simply feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time.
  2. Diminished confidence in doing things like socialising, going to work, driving etc.
  3. Unwanted coping strategies such as smoking/drinking or eating more.
  4. Obsessing - going over and over the same (negative) thoughts or feelings.
  5. Insomnia - problems going to sleep or staying asleep.

So, how does Hypnotherapy help with anxiety?  Well anxiety is a massive subject, but, in very general terms, when using Hypnotherapy to help with anxiety

  1. I install a sense of calm in my clients which helps with feelings of panic.
  2. I help them to think more clearly to counteract obsessive and introspective thoughts.
  3. I help them to develop a level of dissociation from unwanted thoughts and feelings which helps with any obsessive rumination or catastrophisation.
  4. I address any habitual negative thought patterns and emotional responses which are causing manifestations such as micro-managing, insomnia and overeating.
  5. I help my clients to move towards a future where these feelings and behaviours are in the past and are replaced with confidence and optimism.

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