28 Mar

There is a lot more awareness of narcissism than there used to be.  There is a lot of information about how narcissists harm us.  It’s fascinating, enlightening and can be empowering, but it can also stir up a lot of memories, thoughts and emotions as you start to process it, as you start to understand how you were used, lied to, discarded, gaslighted, breadcrumbed, hoovered etc.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with the emotions you will be feeling as you try to make sense of what happened to you.

  • It can help you get rid of any anger, sadness, jealousy or other negative emotions that are swirling around.
  • It can help you understand and process hurtful or confusing or traumatic memories.
  • It can help you to maintain a level of detachment whilst you are remembering and understanding what went on so you don’t become overwhelmed.  
  • It can help you to reconnect with the person you would have been if things had been different.
  • It will help you realise that you were attractive to the narcissist because you are special in some way.  You are almost certainly sensitive, empathetic and kind and it will help you to be proud of these amazing positive qualities.  This will help to rebuild your self-esteem if it was damaged.
  • If you were allocated a role within a narcissistic family - golden child, scapegoat, invisible child.  Hypnotherapy can help you recover and understand that you are so much more. It can help to free you from that label so you can find out who you really are.  It can help you to imagine who you could have been and move towards becoming that person.

Maybe the narcissistic abuse was recent and you’ve just escaped from a relationship or been discarded and are trying to understand what on earth was going on.

Maybe the narcissistic abuse was a long time ago, but is still affecting your life.  Many of us are starting to understand that elements of our lives or personalities are the direct result of these sorts of relationships or family dynamics.

Maybe you need to build an emotional barrier so that you are not triggered by contact with a narcissist.  This is particularly useful if the narcissist is a family member or ex-partner and you simply can’t go entirely no contact. Maybe you want to go no contact, but it just seems too hard or you keep getting sucked back into the madness.  Hypnotherapy can help you find strength you had forgotten you have.

Maybe you are starting to understand that your family relationships are so messed up because there was a narcissist running the show.  Hypnotherapy can help you heal, put it to bed and move on.   There are so many ways Hypnotherapy can help you recover.

The list is endless, as are the possibilities to change.  If you need help with this - call me.