29 Mar

Hypnotherapy can help with confidence in many ways.  Here are just three.

  1. Hypnotherapy can encourage a more positive and optimistic outlook on life generally.  After all none of us knows what the future holds, so we might as well enjoy imagining the best, rather than imagining the worst.  Because our thoughts affect our emotions and our emotions affect our behaviour, by imagining the best, we feel better, happier, more optimistic and therefore we behave differently, present ourselves differently and this inevitably makes us more open to all the opportunities life can bring us.  As well as enabling us to enjoy our lives more, this new positive behaviour makes us more attractive to employers and potential partners.
  2. Hypnotherapy can be used to take the power out of bad memories which might be holding you back.  It can put that bad stuff, that damaging stuff back in the past where it belongs.  All the things that have knocked your confidence, that have damaged your self-esteem can be dealt with in the safety of Hypnosis so that they no longer control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, so you’re free to find out who you really are without all that negativity holding you back.
  3. To help you get used to the idea of taking back control of your life, Hypnotherapy can help you imagine yourself behaving in the new way, living the new life - a bit like a dress rehearsal.  This means it is easier to do those things you were struggling with - presenting to a group, doing a job interview, asking someone out on a date etc.

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