23 May

No.  No-one can make you do something that goes against your moral compass whilst you are in trance.   A hypnotic trance is a collaborative process between the Hypnotist and the client/subject.  The client has to be prepared to be hypnotised - if they fight it they can stop it from happening.  Once in trance you can’t be made to do anything that goes against your moral compass.

What about those guys on stage, thinking they’re acting in the Full Monty?  Well, they’ve been carefully selected by the Hypnotist for their compliance, people-pleasing and exhibitionism.  Make of that what you will!

What about those people who were prepared to push someone off a building on that Derren Brown show?  Well, they were manipulated and coerced through a number of scenarios to behave in a certain way.  Their compliance and people-pleasing was exploited and manipulated little by little.  They were pushed a bit further and a bit further again.  It was epic manipulation on all sorts of levels - more like brain-washing.  It was impressive, it was shocking, it was fascinating, but, it wasn’t the same as the sort of Hypnosis you will experience in the therapy room or even in a stage show!

Of course this works the other way too.  If you don’t really want to lose weight, stop smoking or take a flight to visit your in-laws in Australia, Hypnosis can’t make you do that either.

But, if you want to change, you are ready to change and you are prepared to follow the Hypnotherapist’s simple instructions, you can change and Hypnotherapy can help make it happen.