23 Feb

A lot of parents and grandparents get in touch with me on behalf of their teenagers.  They are worried sick, at their wits’ end and want me to hypnotise their teen into doing or feeling what the parent or grandparent thinks they should.  They seem to think that Hypnotherapy is the same as magic.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been asked to hypnotise teens into doing - 

  1. getting up
  2. going to school
  3. stopping vaping/smoking/using drugs
  4. stopping seeing their friends
  5. starting seeing their friends
  6. studying more
  7. sleeping more
  8. eating more
  9. eating less
  10. just being better/different/someone else

It roughly translates into ‘make my teen do what I think they should do’ - ‘make my teen do what they are told’ - ‘turn my teen into someone else’

Again and again I try to explain that unless the teen wants to change, is ready to change and wants to do it now, I can’t help.  

Again and again I explain Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, if it was I’d be a lot richer than I am. 

But sometimes a teen gets in touch with me themselves and asks for my help.  And because they are keen, because they are ready and also because they are so young we are able to make amazing changes together!  And in the words of Paul Daniels - ‘Now that’s what I call magic!’