15 Apr

Sadly it can happen that people are sometimes disappointed when they do not get the results they want from Hypnotherapy.  I can tell you that the Hypnotherapist is disappointed too.

The Hypnotherapist is disappointed that they didn’t spot that the client was looking for a magic wand.

All Hypnotherapists will explain to potential clients that Hypnotherapy is not something that is done to someone, it is a collaborative process.  I’ll explain why and what I mean by that.

If you have ever joined a slimming club or a gym you will know that as well as handing over your money, you have to do the work.  You have to be prepared to change, more than that, you have to want to change and then you actually have to do it, you have to go ahead and make those changes.  The subscription alone is not enough.  But of course, there are people who pay money to join the gym and then simply don’t show up.

It’s the same with Hypnotherapy.  You have to ‘show up’.  You have to be ready to change and prepared to actually do it, make the different choices, leave the old behaviours and patterns behind, live the different life, be the different person.

It isn’t just about handing over the money.  You can’t delegate change - you have to do it yourself.  The Hypnotherapist can help in all sorts of ways, but you have to get involved, you have to ‘show up’ and be prepared to make the changes.

Just think about the gym memberships that don’t get used.