31 May

Hypnosis is a collaborative process.  Therapy is a collaborative process.  Hypnotherapy requires a collaboration between a willing client and a skilled practitioner with positive intent.

When Hypnotherapy doesn’t work there is usually some responsibility on both sides and it almost always relates to the willingness or intent of the client and the skill or intent of the Hypnotherapist.

A few examples of what has gone wrong when Hypnotherapy doesn’t work are - 

  • The client thinks that it is a magic wand and that a powerful force field will repel them should they ever try to touch a cigarette or tub of Ben and Jerry’s again.
  • The client is there to get someone off their back (partner, GP etc).
  • The client is getting something out of the quirk or phobia - attention or protection of some type - something they really don’t want to give up.
  • The client is there to keep someone else happy.
  • The client doesn’t like or trust the Hypnotherapist.
  • The client is there because they think they should be.
  • The client is not there because they want to change.
  • The client is there because they have to show that they are engaging with therapy for some reason usually to do with custody or visitation rights.
  • The Hypnotherapist has failed to spot that the client is looking for a magic wand.
  • The Hypnotherapist has failed to spot that the client does not want to change or isn’t ready to change and is there under duress.
  • The Hypnotherapist has failed to establish trust and understanding with the client and so misses the point or misses hitting the right buttons.
  • The Hypnotherapist is trying to do too much too quickly.
  • The Hypnotherapist has failed to listen or understand.
  • The Hypnotherapist has failed to make the client feel heard or understood.
  • The Hypnotherapist is boring or uses words or phrases or images that do not engage or interest the client. 
  • The Hypnotherapist appears to be judgmental or disinterested or bored.

Conversely what ensures that Hypnotherapy will be successful? A client who is ready to change and who wants to change. A Hypnotherapist who recognises the client as an individual and treats them with skill and compassion. That the two of them establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect.