25 Apr

I love food.  I believe food is part of the joy of being alive and that preparing and eating good food with loved ones is one of the greatest pleasures life offers.

I hate weighing scales - they used to make me go weird and obsessive.  These days I wonder who in their right mind delegates their happiness to a machine?

I have no desire to be super-skinny.  I am not a Whippet, much more of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but I do have a desire to be healthy and strong and to look good.  I want glowing skin, bright eyes, glossy hair and enough fat on me to look like a woman.  I want to be healthy not skinny.

I want to enjoy food in a healthy way and be able to cook for and eat with friends and family - it is one of the most natural expressions of love.

I am anti-shakes, anti-gimmicks, anti-starvation. I want to help people find their way to a happy, healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

I see clients who come to me as a last resort before gastric band surgery.  I am horrified that they could spend the rest of their lives not able to eat good food.  I see clients who have done weeks and weeks on shakes, lost weight and then promptly put it all back on because their bodies and minds have been deprived of the basic need to eat and enjoy good natural food.  I help them find their way back to a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

So that’s where I’m coming from.  

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