18 May

We've all found ourselves eating something without even realising it.  

We've all eaten to fulfil a need that has nothing to do with hunger.  

We've all watched our slim friend stuff her face and wondered why she doesn't gain weight.

We've all hated ourselves and judged ourselves because we feel like we're fighting a losing battle.  

And when we're feeling rubbish about ourselves, what do we do?  Well obviously - we eat something!

Hypnotherapy can help get your subconscious mind back on your side.  It can help to de-programme those unhelpful beliefs and behaviours so that you eat when you're hungry (like your slim friend who will not find herself eating a pork pie in front of the TV later this evening) rather than tired, sad, happy, bored.  

It can also help you be a bit happier with yourself the way you are - some of us are never going to look like Kate Moss.  But if we can be healthy and strong and happy, that sounds pretty good to me.