21 May

Our subconscious minds want to keep us safe, that's all. And now you're wondering what's the problem with that?

Well... you know that friend who means well, but always seems to mess things up.  The one who gets it wrong, who tries to help, but really doesn't?  That's your subconscious mind.

Over time your subconscious mind may have developed behaviours or habits which served a purpose at some point in our lives, but may now be unnecessary or harmful or downright annoying.  

OK, here's an example - you can't lose weight.  Well, you can get to a certain point and then you get stuck. You hit a plateau.  You never lose that final 10-14 pounds.  Why?  (To be honest, in some cases it's because you're being unrealistic - some of us are short and chunky and unless we accept it, we are going to be unhappy.) But, let's assume that until age 25 you were slim and didn't seem to have any trouble staying slim.  Why is it that now you just can't  lose that final stone?  

Sometimes your subconscious mind has decided that to keep you safe it simply won't allow it and starts to sabotage you.  

Maybe your subconscious didn't like you getting all that attention when you were super-slim.  Maybe something happened.  Maybe your subconscious was just scared that it might.

So what do you do?  Well, surprise surprise, you knew this was coming... Hypnotherapy can help to re-programme the subconscious mind and help it find less annoying (and fattening) ways to keep you safe from harm.