05 Jul

I always think of the summer as a time of change, of ends and beginnings.  This is probably down to the school year.  The summer always feels like the end of one thing and the autumn the beginning of something new - new challenges, new adventures, new possibilities.

Because of this, I am offering a special course of 3 sessions in August for those who are looking for CHANGE.  This could be a change of behaviour or thinking patterns.  It could be that you want a change of career, but are lacking the inspiration to know what dream to pursue.  Maybe you want to move on after a bad relationship and need a change to the way you think and feel about the past and about yourself.  Maybe you need a boost to your optimism and confidence.

Get in touch if you want to know more.  This offer is for August only.  Three one-to-one sessions (face-to-face or online) on 3 consecutive weeks for £195.  I have limited availability so give me a call and get booked in now.