15 May

Hypnotherapy can help you stop using Ketamine.  If you want to quit and are ready to quit and it’s your decision, Hypnotherapy can really help you regain control of your behaviour and your life.

I know from working with people who have a problem with Ketamine, how quickly something that was an occasional thing at the weekend, becomes a regular habit until it has infected every area of your life.

I know that the drive to use causes people to cut corners at work so they can get home and use.  I know that the drive to use makes people stay up at night until there is nothing left to take.

I know that it gives them pain, that it makes them feel ashamed and scared and out of control.  It separates them from the people they love and the lives they want to live.

But I also know that Hypnotherapy can help them stop using.  Entirely.

It’s not a magic wand, you have to want to change, but if you do, if you’ve had enough, if you’re scared and ill and want to quit, Hypnotherapy can help you do it.   Hypnotherapy can help you break the habit and take back control over the way you deal with life.

It can help you feel more relaxed and in control than you ever thought you could.  It can open the door to a new life of freedom, opportunities and health.

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