Drink (& drugs)

Are you drinking more than you want to?  Are you drinking more frequently? Are you drinking to deal with your emotions?  Is your recreational drug use becoming a bit too regular?

When life gets tough many of us self-medicate with drink, drugs or food. 

Regular behaviours quickly become automatic responses and habits.  Once something becomes a habit, it can be very difficult to change.

Hypnotherapy can help you take back control over the way you deal with life.

It can help you regain a healthy relationship with alcohol or even stop drinking completely.  It can help you stop using drugs.

It can help you feel more relaxed and in control than you ever thought you could.

I can only help you if you are committed to change, if you are ready to change and if your usage is still at a 'recreational' level.

Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to a medically supervised withdrawal programme and I will not take you as a client if I believe you are dependent.  If you think you might be dependent on drink or drugs, please contact your GP.

Please read the Alcohol advice pamphlet you can download from the Useful Information section of this website.  It is really informative and no nonsense. 

Alcohol as part of weight control - 'The hypnotherapy has been nothing short of amazing and I have now ditched the booze for good!  It's been a long time coming and it feels great.' (Two sessions face-to-face.)

Ketamine addiction - 'On top of seeing actual results after a single session, Lucy is incredibly kind and lovely to work with - nothing like judgemental and intolerant therapists, counsellors etc I have worked with in the past. Now that I have gained control over my addiction, I look forward to my next session with Lucy which will be focused around keeping myself organised and preparing for a new, organised, busier and drug free lifestyle!' (One session on-line.  See testimonials for full review and context.)

Find out more about how Hypnotherapy helps with addiction.

Please see my YouTube channel for a free Hypnotherapy session to support you in a month alcohol free.


PRICES  Single session smoking/vaping/drinking or drug use £150.  Audio recording of session included.  Subsequent sessions to address any related issues or as top-ups are charged at £70 each.  

In addition, I always like to have a chat on the phone before booking anyone in. This call is free and no-obligation - it's simply a case of finding out a little about you and how I might best be able to help so that if you go ahead a book a session we hit the ground running. So, give me a call - you literally have nothing to lose.

USEFUL INFORMATION  Some private Health Cash Plans will reimburse Hypnotherapy from CNHC or GHSC accredited therapists, but please be sure to check the details if you are planning to claim.  See Useful Information.