Scroll down to view previews and to buy. Have you forgotten what it feels like to sleep well? Do you lie awake night after night unable to drift off? Do you wake in the middle of the night and find you can't get back off to sleep? Based on my highly successful one-to-one insomnia sessions, I have developed a short course of video sessions to help you sleep better. It is based on my real life experience of successfully helping people overcome sleep problems. It comprises of five sections. 1 - An introduction to the course content and how to use it. Includes previews. 2 - Conscious changes you can make that will help you sleep better. 3 - A full 40 minute Hypnotherapy session to get your subconscious back on your side. 4 - My amazing silver bullet sleep recording for emergencies and flights. 5 - Extras - bits of additional information and some footage of my noisy old dog. For just £35 you will get a full year's access to all these original videos and recordings. Click the 'buy' button next to any of them and it will take you to the page where you can buy access to them all of them for 12 months for the single price of just £35. The course is for those of you who have somehow forgotten how to sleep, have maybe got into bad habits for some reason or are struggling to switch off because there is too much going on in their heads. It is for those of you who wake in the night and can't drift back off again. It is for anyone who is experiencing problems with sleep. 'If you are struggling with sleeping, I really couldn't recommend it any more highly!' Lizzie G, Leeds Note - if viewing on a mobile be aware the 'play' arrow is tiny and you will need to scroll down your screen to see the video.

The Course includes

5 Sections

11 Lessons

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