Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues.  If you think it might be useful for your condition or situation, get in touch.  Nothing ventured...

It can help with OCD, nerve pain, MS, nervous habits, migraines and many other conditions made worse by anxiety or stress.  

'Lucy helped me to gain the strength to face a very difficult family issue.'

'Having recently been diagnosed with an incurable condition I was very down and finding life extremely taxing as well as experiencing daily nerve pain... she taught me some pain management things I could do on my own. The effect of that truly amazed me allowing me to lower the dosage of my medication significantly!'

It has had proven success in the treatment of severe IBS.  Google the work of Prof Peter Whorwell at Manchester University.

It has been used extensively in the treatment of pain and clients of mine with nerve pain have found it to be very helpful indeed.

It can even be used in place of anaesthetic in operations. See this link to Sarah Smith of the BBC presenting Hypnosurgery Live just because it will blow your mind!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgDQRDroSv0 Amazing!

PRICES  Any therapy is very personal and it is difficult to be precise regarding numbers of sessions which will be required.  Because of this, I do not like to sell packages of sessions. I charge on a session-by-session basis. I will treat you as effectively and swiftly as I am able to.  

First session £90. Subsequent sessions £70.  It is impossible to know exactly how many sessions you will need but generally I would expect you to be feeling much better after 3 sessions which would be a total of £230.  Audio recordings included as appropriate. 

In addition, I always like to have a chat on the phone before booking anyone in. This call is free and no-obligation - it's simply a case of finding out a little about you and how I might best be able to help so that if you go ahead a book a session we hit the ground running. So, give me a call - you literally have nothing to lose.

USEFUL INFORMATION  Some private Health Cash Plans will reimburse Hypnotherapy from CNHC or GHSC accredited therapists, but please be sure to check the details if you are planning to claim.  See Useful Information.