Smoking (& vaping)

Are you ready to stop?  Are you sick of it, but feeling helpless and unable to stop? You can change, you can quit. Just call or message me for a no obligation chat.  I have helped people stop smoking, vaping, drinking, using Ketamine, cocaine... the list goes on.

Most smokers have tried to stop many times using nicotine replacements, vapes or will power.  Hypnotherapy is different.  It addresses the patterns of behaviour and beliefs which drive the addiction resetting your mind to that of a non-smoker.  It is widely recognised as a very successful treatment.

I offer single session smoking cessation therapy which lasts around 90 minutes.  I charge £150.  I am a certified smoking cessation specialist and have had excellent results.  

Life feels so much better when you don't have the health worries, expense and shame of being a smoker.  You smell better, you feel proud, alive and full of energy.  If you're reading this, you're thinking about it.  Don't be scared, I can help, take a deep breath and call me.

Vaping - more and more people are coming to me about vaping.  I deal with this in exactly the same way as smoking - it is a nicotine addiction and can be overcome by dealing with the associations and rituals surrounding the habit.

'The 'Quit Smoking' session totally removed the habitual side of Vaping; giving me the chance I needed to kick the habit. For context to the readers of this review, I'm a 35 year old sceptic who is now totally smoke/vape free.'

Find out more about how Hypnotherapy helps with addiction.

PRICES  Single session smoking/vaping/drinking or drug use £150.  Audio recording of session included.  Subsequent sessions to deal with any related issues or as top-ups are charged at £70 each.

In addition, I always like to have a chat on the phone before booking anyone in. This call is free and no-obligation - it's simply a case of finding out a little about you and how I might best be able to help so that if you go ahead a book a session we hit the ground running. So, give me a call - you literally have nothing to lose.

USEFUL INFORMATION  Some private Health Cash Plans will reimburse Hypnotherapy from CNHC or GHSC accredited therapists, but please be sure to check the details if you are planning to claim.  See Useful Information.