Sleeping like a baby or have you forgotten how?  

Anxiety, substances and bad habits all affect our sleep.  Sometimes a good night's sleep can feel like it is out of reach.  It isn't.  Deep down we all know how to sleep, just as we all know how to breathe.  You have simply forgotten how.

I can help you get back into a healthy sleep routine.  It's over to you.  How tired are you?

'I'd been having trouble with insomnia and had got into the habit of waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. I had a session with Lucy as I thought it was worth a try. The session was a lovely experience and the results were amazing; I’ve been sleeping better than I have been for years. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.'

I've been having such success with my insomniacs that I was considering changing my name to Doctor Sleep, but then I remembered the Stephen King novel.  Maybe not such a great idea after all.

Please have a look at my amazing new course of videos and audio recordings.  It is effective, you can do it at home and it costs a lot less than seeing me one-to-one.  SLEEP WELL - ONLINE COURSE

PRICES - INSOMNIA    One session of £120 with personal audio recording and complementary access to the entire pre-recorded 'Sleep Well' course or £35 for the 'Sleep Well' course as a stand-alone product.

In addition, I always like to have a chat on the phone before booking anyone in. This call is free and no-obligation - it's simply a case of finding out a little about you and how I might best be able to help so that if you go ahead a book a session we hit the ground running. So, give me a call - you literally have nothing to lose.

USEFUL INFORMATION    Some private Health Cash Plans will reimburse Hypnotherapy from CNHC or GHSC accredited therapists, but please be sure to check the details if you are planning to claim.  See Useful Information.