It is natural to feel afraid of two things - sudden loud noises and falling. These are the only two fears we are born with.  

The rest we learn indirectly from others or directly through our own bad experiences.

If fear gets out of hand it can limit our lives.  It can rob us of personal and professional opportunities.  

It can stop us flying or driving or applying for jobs.  It can stop us from seeking medical help when we need it.  It can make it difficult to care for our children or visit our friends.  The list goes on and if you are suffering from a fear you already know just how life limiting it can be.

Hypnotherapy can help to get things back in perspective and under control leaving you free to do what you need to do and get on with your life.

It feels horrible to be unable to control our feelings about things.  My clients are often at the end of their tether when they contact me.  They feel emotional and desperate.  I help them to feel better, more relaxed and optimistic than they have felt in a long time.  I help them to leave the anxiety behind and reclaim their lives.

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