Please see my Google reviews for more unedited reviews. All five star.  

Joshua C

"Thank you Lucy! Without your help I'm sure my Vaping addiction would still have its hold over me. The 'Quit Smoking' session totally removed the habitual side of Vaping; giving me the chance I needed to kick the habit. For context to the readers of this review, I'm a 35 year old sceptic who is now totally smoke/vape free."


Emma H

"Lucy is fantastic at what she does, she put me at ease straight away. after 2 sessions with Lucy the weight I have struggled to lose for years is just falling off me! She has enabled me to eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full and not be interested in sugary snacks. I can't recommend her enough! Thank you Lucy."


Beverley H

"Great experience with Lucy who has helped with my insomnia. Very impressed and would thoroughly recommend her."


Rob S

"I went to see Lucy for help with my anxiety at work presentations and in interviews. She was really kind and calm and although I had doubts as to whether it would work, it really did. I've got renewed confidence in these situations and have just started a great new job, with a hefty pay rise! Thanks Lucy!"


Deborah F

"Lucy helped me to gain the strength to face a very difficult family issue, she is kind, friendly, professional but most of all is very good at what she does, I have not been though this before, how she does it I have no idea but wow don't hesitate, a remarkable experience."


Amy F

"I very rarely write reviews I like people to make their own mind up however, I felt the need to really really express my whole hearted gratitude to Lucy. I came to Lucy with emotional stress which was causing a massive impact on my eating habits, sleep and moods. She massively helped me level my thinking, empower me to believe in time for me and the biggest achievement is she helped me find my full button. I with Lucy’s help adapted my way of thinking and my relationship with food and I am seeing results on scales and within myself . I have tried fad diets other therapists and even hypnosis before I haven't ever come across anyone who has helped me this much. Lucy has enabled me to help myself something I never thought was possible. Absolutely recommend Lucy and her work, she has gone above and beyond to help me and I am still on my journey. This is no less than a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. Thank you Lucy."


Claire M

"Wow…words can’t describe how grateful I am for the help Lucy has given me. From our first consultation Lucy put me at ease about the process of hypnotherapy and the benefits it could give me trying to beat my lack of self confidence, motivation and a phobia I have had for many years. The sessions were amazing, Lucy made me feel comfortable from the start and I felt like a new person walking away from the first session."


Richard B

"I'd been having trouble with insomnia and had got into the habit of waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. I had a session with Lucy as I thought it was worth a try. The session was a lovely experience and the results were amazing; I’ve been sleeping better than I have been for years. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."


Katie B

"My son suffered from anxiety, worrying about friendships, studying and generally lacking confidence. He had three sessions with Lucy and although it is early days he is definitely better in coping with the stresses of being a teenager and navigating his way through life. I found Lucy to be compassionate, kind and caring. Thank you so much Lucy for all your help."


Clare R

"Lucy is so friendly, professional and approachable. I found Lucy to be so easy to talk to and she understood my needs and how to help, I had 3 sessions and as a result feel a lot happier, calmer with less anxiety and less overthinking. I can’t thank her enough. 😀"


Carole D

"Professional, effective and highly skilled... Lucy was so kind and was able to help me with an issue that I had struggled to overcome for years... I have to say that I haven't looked back. I would recommend her completely."


Lisa S

"I had a very friendly and professional experience with Lucy recently where she has helped me with my anxiety issues and gave me some coping techniques going forward to help me in the future. I would highly recommend Lucy 😊 I also wanted to add that the proof was in the pudding when I came on holiday last week, when I felt unusually calm, when I am normally extremely anxious leading up to an event. It was such a lovely feeling being able to look forward to a holiday instead of thinking constantly negative thoughts."


Lizzie G

Sleep Well course - "As someone with highly suspected ADHD and insomnia which runs in my family I was sceptical as to how well it would work with me. However, I found it to be such a brilliant way to completely focus on the great tools she uses to help you achieve the sleep you deserve. It helps that her voice is extremely soothing even regardless of the fabulous content! If you are struggling with sleeping I really couldn't recommend it more highly!"



"I had my first session with Lucy a few months ago after a long battle with ketamine addiction had allowed me to slip into a routine of procrastination and avoidance. Whilst I was already making personal progress with my addiction, I felt I needed extra support to secure my sobriety and ensure I didn’t see myself slip back into old habits when things got difficult, as this is not the first time I’ve tried to get clean. I have been able to stay sober since this session, marking this as my longest sober period in at least 5 years. After one session I’ve seen a significant improvement in the way I react to negative thoughts, and feel as though my mindset has changed towards my goals of not only staying sober but getting my life back on track. I came to our first session desperately wanting to and feeling ready to change, but with intense doubts of my own will power and what help was even possible. This process has exceeded my expectations and I find myself a lot less doubtful in general, especially of my own ability and mental strength, as if some kind of mental reinforcement. On top of seeing actual results after a single session, Lucy is incredibly kind and lovely to work with - nothing like judgemental and intolerant therapists, counsellors etc I have worked with in the past. Now that I have gained control over my addiction, I look forward to my next session with Lucy which will be focused around keeping myself organised and preparing for a new, organised, busier and drug free lifestyle! Thank you so much."