25 Apr

Hypnotherapy is great for sorting out insomnia.  As animals, we all need to sleep, just as we all need to breathe and Hypnosis can help you to remember how to do it.  It can take you back to the times you slept easily, naturally.  It can help you find your way back to natural refreshing sleep - your body needs it and your mind knows how.  You have simply forgotten.

Having said that, you might well be doing a few things that are making it difficult for your body to relax into deep natural refreshing sleep, and if you’re honest, you probably know what they are.

I often have clients who will admit to taking a cup of tea to bed with them, scrolling on their phone in the middle of the night, checking their messages just before trying to go to sleep, watching TV in bed etc.  You get the picture.

So here are a few tips for better sleep.  Try these before you call me for a Hypno session - you might just sort yourself out for free. Apologies if you work nights - these are really for people on a regular schedule.

  • Keep the input low -  I’m mainly talking about screens, don’t scroll, message or watch Youtube in the evening.  It’s too much stimulation for your brain.  Let things quieten down in there.
  • Don’t use stimulants - tea, coffee, nicotine close to bedtime.  In fact, I would suggest no stimulants after 3.00pm.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal late in the evening.  We’ve all been there sweating and unable to sleep because we stuffed ourselves on a takeaway that seemed such a good idea at the time.
  • Ditto booze.
  • Do get some exercise so your body is tired and wants to sleep.  Ideally this should involve being outside - even if it’s just a walk around the block, exposure to daylight and fresh air is hugely beneficial.
  • Keep your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep and love.  Keep it cool and tidy and calm.  Make it a place that, when you enter it, you can take a breath and feel yourself relaxing as you signal to yourself that it is now time to climb into that lovely bed and sleep.

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