February Hypnotherapy offer!

For ONE MONTH ONLY! All hypnotherapy sessions now £20!

We are pleased to share with you our exclusive February Hypnotherapy offer!

Have the New Year’s resolutions subsided already?

Say goodbye to unhealthy, quick fix fad diets that don’t last! Give stress and anxiety the middle finger! Take those motivational steps forward into making positive and confident changes in your life! Or, simply give us a call and enjoy an hour of relaxation…

For the whole of February all of our hypnotherapy sessions are now £20.

Some of our most popular sessions include:

  • Confidence & Self-esteem improvement
  • Stress & Anxiety relief
  • Weight and Health improvement (This is not the confident weight loss package)
  • Relaxation
  • Pain reduction


*All clients will be required to attend a history taking session (Also charged at £20 during February) prior to hypnotherapy sessions commencing.

* Hypnotherapy sessions will return to a rate of £45 after February.

* Sessions subject to availability.

* Advance bookings only.




10 Steps to Diet Free Weight Loss

Did you know, you can follow as many fads and super diets as you like, but actually, there is no secret to losing weight. Keep reading to discover some easy steps towards fat loss success.


Ditch the excuses & motivate

Too many people have the “I’ll start tomorrow” mindset. Make a plan and start now! Firstly, start with that all important reality check. Dust off the scales, take a full body picture in your underwear and measure those hips. Following the hit of reality, grab a pen, kick start a simple meal plan, and set days in advance to exercise. Do this every 7 days from your ‘NOW day’.

ALWAYS eat breakfast

Step away from the ‘calorie controlled’ meal replacement shakes. Your liquid meal will set you back between 200-260 calories. But yet a 30g portion of cereal with 100ml of semi-skimmed milk is only around 170 calories, and you get the added indulgence of chewing your food. Eating a well-balanced breakfast (yes even a grilled bacon sandwich) will give you SATISFACTION and slow release energy, which in turn reduces the need to snack, and ultimately you consume fewer calories leading to sustained weight loss.

Don’t miss meals

Over the course of your day, you will need to eat 3 sensibly portioned/well balanced meals and around 2 healthy but satisfying snacks. This will reduce feelings of hunger and the need to raid the fridge when you get home.

Do not cut out food groups

Unbelievably fat doesn’t make you fat, nor do carbohydrates. Too many calories make you fat. Carbohydrates are actually your body’s main source of energy, and fat is used to aid healthy digestion. Yes, it is true that fat contains more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates, but the only thing this requires is portion control and moderation. Let’s be realistic, if something is low fat it may be substituted with something else for flavour, this is usually salt or sugar. Keep an eye on those nutritional tables on food packaging.

Get your body moving

This does not mean spending a fortune on exercise equipment, or joining a gym. There is an abundance of beautiful parks, walking groups and house hold items that can aid your workout. Dedicate one hour a day to getting your body burning those calories, whether it’s a stroll with the dog, or doing an old and dusty fitness DVD. The main thing with exercise is that you enjoy it.

Quit mindless grazing

Don’t just sit there stuffing your face. Make a meal and enjoy it. So many people eat for the sake of it, or because that plate of biscuits was just sitting there. Take responsibility for what YOU put in YOUR mouth.

Drink water

Did you know that having just one glass of water before your meal can reduce hunger? Drinking water enables you to feel fuller quicker, therefore reducing your calorie intake. Did you also know that thirst can mask itself as hunger? So, before you grab that biscuit, have a glass of water, distract yourself with a task, and should you still feel hungry, allow yourself a well thought out healthy snack.

Reduce your added sugar intake

Sugar adds excess calories with no other nutritional value. The calories in sugar are therefore known as ‘empty calories’. Try swapping sugary drinks for no added sugar alternatives or better still water, and grab a piece of fruit to snack on instead of sweets and chocolate.

Stand tall and ACT AS IF

You may think this seems a little far-fetched, but act as if you have already achieved your weight loss goal and congratulate yourself on your achievement. Lets face it, you’re not going to want to fill that fabulous body of yours with the rubbish you ate before, are you? Positive affirmations will also work wonders for your confidence and self-esteem which in turn increase motivation and determination to succeed.

Rid your wardrobe of old, frumpy fat clothes

Your future slimmer self deserves only fabulous outfits, and who doesn’t like splashing a little cash on themselves and not the kids for a change? Go out and be brave, buy something amazing. Looking at new clothes is also a brilliant motivator for weight loss. You deserve only the best!

Did you know we can support you throughout your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey? Take a look at our exclusive Confident weight Loss package for more information!